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Welcome to Team Savage Wiki with every thing about the heroes of Earth XX and how they achieved peace between animals and humans. The wars Eco Wars.

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This is about a civil war between the Huntiks (an organization that fight to kill the animals led by General Xavier Ross) and Team Savage (A group that consist of four teenagers trained in hand to hand combat and weaponry that are fighting to save the world. Years ago the Humans constantly hunted and destroyed the Animals habitat. Later these animals decided to take back whats theirs causing more harm done to these animals. Dr Setsuna Ross decided that he will bring the wild side out of people. Having the animal world and the human world collide but this caused even more destruction.His brother Xavier Ross was one of his test subjects used after excessive training Xavier learned to control his wild life his animal spirit was a Bat. Due to his spirit being a bat he lost sight in his right eye. Escaping from the Lab Xavier ran in to General Treson. The General offered to give Xavier an artificial eye on one condition. He kill his brother and his technology. Xavier was in shocked but accepted the offer along side Huntik troops Xavier launched an attack on his beloved brother. destroying his tecnology.Luckily his brother made out in time with data needed to surpass his brother's transformation.

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